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With deep knowledge of and great fascination for the transforming potential of AI, we help companies to

  • automate processes,
  • gain insights from vast and scattered data,
  • support informed and fact-based decision making.

Guided by years of experience applying Machine Learning technology and Data Science,
we support your company with streamlined and efficient data and algorithm solutions.

What we stand for

The power of AI should not be left to big corporations but be accessible for everyone.

Focus: We identify your most important tasks and focus on them. We don’t get lost in the shrubs.

Speed: We move quickly, setting ambitious but realistic deadlines and stick to them. Execution is everything.

Own the outcome: We lean in and do whatever it takes to realise the potential of your projects.

The work we do

With a track record of comprehensive projects in Finance, Energy Markets, eCommerce,
Software Development and Technology Management, we take pride in a diverse portfolio of successful solutions leveraging the power of
Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning
for concrete business applications.

Machine Learning Use Cases
  • Time Series Forecasting in Financial Markets
  • Sales and inventory predictions for Retail & eCommerce
  • Natural Language Processing for text understanding and Speech processing
  • Deep Learning for Image Recognition, Pattern Detection
  • Recommender Systems
  • Anomaly detection in Sensor data
  • Blockchain
  • Programmatic communication systems (CaaS), eg
  • Integration of existing commercial Machine Learning solutions (SaaS)
  • API integration for automation of business processes
Relevant Former Projects
  • Consulting projects in Financial Industry (Risk Management and Commodity trading) with d-fine and assenagon
  • Model Development for Energy Market forecasts:
    • Algorithmic Trading of EU-Carbon Certificates
    • Electricity Price forecasts for the Indian grid
    • Load Forecasting in insular grids
  • Building programmatic communication systems (CaaS), eg.
  • Algorithmic Trading for Cryptocurrencies
  • Customer Profile Segmentation for Marketing with Focal Analytics
  • eCommerce solutions for Evapo and OneStepUp
  • Project management in Offshore Wind Power and Hydrogen Storage technology with Areva NP, Erlangen

The stories we tell

  • A Machine Learning framework for Algorithmic trading on Energy markets (Towards Data Science, 2018)
  • Preserving Memory in Stationary Time Series (Towards Data Science, 2019)
  • A Forecasting Model Approach to Overcome Design Flaws of Emission Markets (World Energy Council, eProceedings of 23rd WEC 2016)
  • Lifshits tails in the hierarchical Anderson model (Arxiv, 2011)

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